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Virtual Homes

Challau homes are luxury virtual spaces built for recreation and entertainment. Each Challau user owns a private luxury home with a unique web address, making it very easy for friends and family to virtually visit them. Challau homes are hyper-realistic, with large open-plan virtual living and expansive outdoor entertainment spaces for up to 20 people. Every Challau user will "feel right at home" in the Challau Metaverse. The first batch of Challau homes are located to have stunning views of "Virtual London".


You can express your identity in the Challau Metaverse by choosing from among an ethnically diverse collection of 3D avatars to represent your digital presence - in style. Each avatar has unique fashionable outfits which you can choose from to best suit your preferences.


Challau homes have built in interactive games such as table tennis and 8-ball pool. You can play games with your friends or practice your skills against the computer.

About Challau

Social Virtual Reality Metaverse

Challau is an immersive social platform which delivers the next generation of online social interaction by introducing 3D social meet-ups. Each Challau user creates a 3D avatar (a digital version of yourself) and is the owner of a 3D virtual home with a unique dedicated web address. Virtual homes are fully interactive and customizable - you can play games, watch movies, read e-books and listen to music.

You can invite your friends to your virtual home by simply sharing its unique web address. When someone visits your home, you can see their 3D avatar in your home and you can hear what they are saying through spatial audio (the further someone's avatar is, the quieter they sound to you). Each user can see the avatars of other users in their home as well as hear their audio. Each virtual home supports up to 20 users and their 3D avatars. With Challau, you can host parties and events like birthdays and movie nights, meet with up friends and family, and play games together. You're always in control of who visits your home - it's your personal private 3D space. Your home can be accessed over the internet from any web browser using your smartphone, PC or VR headset.